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Menda software is built to reduce the time and cost involved in negotiating conveyancing contracts and to improve the process of documenting the agreements reached


The vendor creates a workspace and uploads the contract for purchasers to access


The parties negotiate on the workspace, creating a table of requests and responses as the negotiation progresses


On completion, an agreed schedule of amendments is automatically created and emailed to each party for inclusion in the contract


Track negotiations

Track and manage your negotiations in one place using dashboards and Kanban boards that help you visualise work and maximise your efficiency. Receive notifications when you are required to take action and quickly see the progress of each negotiation, making sure you never lose track of a matter.

Get certainty

The automatically created negotiation tables ensure certainty and reduce disputes between all stakeholders by clearly and visually evidencing the requests and responses made during the negotiation.

Organise your team

Tools to allow you to add team members to your organisation, then manage and collaborate without fuss.

Reduce costs

Menda software reduces waste of your most important resource, time. By upgrading the way you negotiate, you will save time at every step of the negotiation (and therefore costs).