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Menda is free to use when you represent the purchaser in the negotiation. Simply sign up and start negotiating.


Enter your payment information during the trial and you will be able to continue creating negotiating tables when the trial ends.

No Lock-In Contracts

Once your trial ends, you only get charged for the contracts you upload.

Simple pricing of $20 / Contract *

*GST exclusive

So, what do I get?



Always free to act for
the purchaser


$20(ex GST)

/ contract

User Type Act for Purchaser only Act for Vendor & Purchaser
User Limit Unlimited Unlimited
Create contract workspace
Contract Limit Nil Unlimited
Kanban boards
Negotiation table
Schedule of Agreed Amendments
Custom Templates
Team Chat
Upload Documents
Negotiation Archiving
Electronic Exchange
Nominate Agent
Complete Purchase Details
Audit Trail

Will you be uploading more than 100 contracts per month?
Contact sales to discuss additional pricing options

Pricing Q&A

Every contract negotiation table that is created is counted as one contract on creation.
You sure can. Menda offers a 14-day free trial so you can get used to our software and experience first-hand the benefits of negotiating with menda. Once you fall in love with our software, you can continue using the software using our pay-per-contract subscription model.
You will be billed each month for the contract negotiation tables you created during the preceding month on the pay-per-contract subscription model.
No. The one time cost to create a negotiation table and upload a contract gives you (or the exchanger) the ability to initiate an exchange using our dynamic and easy to use electronic exchange if the parties agree to an electronic exchange at no extra cost.
With the pay-per-contract subscription model, there are no lock-in contracts and there is no need to cancel as you will only be billed for the contracts you upload. If you stop using menda, you will receive a final charge for the contracts you uploaded in that final month.

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